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Santa 2018 “Believe”

While I realize the timing of this post is out of sync with the Holiday Season, the reaction to this effort of mine has been so positive that I have decided to share even if it is not yet Christmas – Maybe it will provide a brief moment of that magical season to others who love it as much as I do.

I am continuing to work on finding ‘my’ Santa  – trying to somehow capture in images the wonderful mix of faith and family, friends and joy, caring and giving that Christmas always brings to me.

I’m going to continue to imagine and explore the many faces of Santa – and hope to share some more later this year – but I do admit …..I like where this is heading ……and truly love creating these pieces.

Posted by Mike Kitchens of Timeless Family Art

Capturing Ancestry for Margaret

I never cease to be amazed by the sensitivity, thoughtfulness and creativity of the people I get to meet through our Timeless Family Art website. Margaret contacted me with such a unique request that I wanted to share it with you. Apparently she discovered that her husband had both Native American and Greek Italian ancestors,… Continue Reading

Gabriela Every Once in a while I see something special That catches my eye And makes me pause   On the one hand so familiar But also very unique That for a moment I have to Stop And take a second look   Such was the case When I saw this quick Image of Gabriela… Continue Reading

Creative & Romantic John reached out to me to see if I could help Him create something truly creative as a surprise for his one year anniversary with his girlfriend Courtney. Seems, like many of us, Courtney likes Comic Book  Super Heroes, so John’s idea was to recognize their anniversary by creating what would be… Continue Reading

Sweet Hearts Again

I love this work!  I get to meet so many special people – maybe not in the way we used to meet  – My artwork contacts are mostly through social media these days – but the pleasure in getting to meet new people  & hearing other people’s unique stories is just as great. One of… Continue Reading

Motorcycle Art

I have always Loved Motorcycles. My First Ride was on a New Friends Small Bike when I was about 10 ……a Terrifying but Amazing Ride That Got Much Smoother When I finally figured out how the Clutch Worked! My First “Motorcycle” was a Lawn Mower Engine Bolted on where the Pedals are supposed to go on… Continue Reading

When the God’s Are Smiling

When the Gods are Smiling Sometimes, when the Gods are smiling…….. and the Stars Align Somebody very special touches your life And leaves an imprint that they may never be aware of and that you might only come to understand yourself far in the future, when once again the Gods are smiling ……….  and the… Continue Reading