Baby’s Eyes

“Baby’s Eyes”

My baby’s eyes! What light they hold;
What wonderful hints of wealth untold;Baby Pencil Portrait II- MIke Kitchens 04292014

Of lands where the flowers never die, 
Of tropic lands where the sunbeams lie,

On diamond fields and hills of gold.
My baby’s eyes! There are hints in these
Of wonder-land’s glory, of sunny seas;
Of ice-capped mountains and fields of snow;
Of twilight shadows and moonlight glow,

And the hidden springs of mysteries.
There are hope and faith and glad surprise,
And depths where latent passion lies;
Sky-touching heights of peace and light,
And rushing rivers of wild affright;
And gleams of heaven in baby’s eyes.

Author: Edith Willis Linn Forbes

Posted by Micheal Kitchens

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