Happy Birthday Baby Jesus

For this year’s 1st Santa, I imagined a family gathering on Christmas Eve for dinner, and to exchange their “Before Santa” gifts. The children are almost too excited to eat their meal. Some asking what time we will open presents, some helping to set the table, others busily arranging the gifts under the tree in… Read more »

Santa and Manger

I love creating Christmas works, especially when I am able to create a new Santa Claus, but with an embedded reminder off what Christmas is really about – what it is the world celebrates on this wonderful day.  Here I am sharing an experiment I just completed that I wasn’t at all sure it would… Read more »

Making Magic Together in the Place Where Trees Sleep

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the amazing characters we (Suzy Lang and I) have “discovered” in the process of creating and publishing the first book in our Children’s Book Series “In the Place Where Trees Sleep.” For me, with this publication, I am fulfilling a longtime promise to myself that I would one day find… Read more »

Santa 2020 – Faith – Hope -“Joy”

Santa Christmas Holiday & Fairytale Pencil Portraits for sale

(Also in YouTube Video form https://youtu.be/DkvSwmp6AUk ) I promised myself several years ago that I would try to create a Santa drawing each year as long as I remained able.  I haven’t met that challenge every year since then, but I was determined to give it another try for 2020. I’ve done my best this… Read more »

Santa 2018 “Believe”

While I realize the timing of this post is out of sync with the Holiday Season, the reaction to this effort of mine has been so positive that I have decided to share even if it is not yet Christmas – Maybe it will provide a brief moment of that magical season to others who… Read more »

Capturing Ancestry for Margaret

I never cease to be amazed by the sensitivity, thoughtfulness and creativity of the people I get to meet through our Timeless Family Art website. Margaret contacted me with such a unique request that I wanted to share it with you. Apparently she discovered that her husband had both Native American and Greek Italian ancestors,… Read more »

Unique Faces in Detail

I continue to experiment with a drawing technique that I think creates a unique presentation. Its a simple approach, drawing portraits without the benefit of shading or any form of line work softening other than line density.  I find when I draw people this way I get a level of detail that I find fascinating… Read more »


Gabriela Every Once in a while I see something special That catches my eye And makes me pause   On the one hand so familiar But also very unique That for a moment I have to Stop And take a second look   Such was the case When I saw this quick Image of Gabriela… Read more »