Santa and Baby New Year

I promised myself years ago, when I rediscovered just how much enjoyment I got out of drawing while creating some works of our Grandchildren as elves with (my Brother Tom or I serving as the models for) Santa …… (he has the beard – I don’t – but it’s funny whenever I try to draw a Santa – I always see Tom in the finished product!) ….. anyway, I promised myself I would create at least one new Santa Christmas drawing every year. This year I was blessed to meet a wonderful lady from Granbury Texas, Kathie, who liked my 2009 Santa drawing “Santa Discovering Rudolph”, and who introduced me to Doug and Donna.
I have always believed in Santa, and I have always believed there is a little bit of Santa in all of us. A little Magic we each carry….. the Joy of Giving ….. the love of Children and family….. the annual celebration and deep-in-our-core memory of the Birth of Christ ……
Some carry more of that “Santa Magic” than others – you can see it in their eyes, the compassionate lines of their face, and for those rare men like Doug and big brother Tom, you also see it in the shape and color of their white beards….. 🙂
So here is my 2018 Santa in time for Christmas Day. Santa is holding Baby New Year, and telling us “Shush! It’s not his time yet!”
Thank You Doug for being our Santa, and thank you Bear (our Grandson) for being our still sleeping Baby New Year!
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all!

Posted by: Mike Kitchens