Creative & Romantic

  John reached out to me to see if I could help Him create something truly creative as a surprise for his one year anniversary with his girlfriend Courtney. Seems, like many of us, Courtney likes Comic Book  Super Heroes, so John’s idea was to recognize their anniversary by creating what would be the beginning… Read more »

Motorcycle Art

I have always Loved Motorcycles. My First Ride was on a New Friends Small Bike when I was about 10 ……a Terrifying but Amazing Ride That Got Much Smoother When I finally figured out how the Clutch Worked! My First “Motorcycle” was a Lawn Mower Engine Bolted on where the Pedals are supposed to go on… Read more »

When the God’s Are Smiling

When the Gods are Smiling Sometimes, when the Gods are smiling…….. and the Stars Align Somebody very special touches your life And leaves an imprint that they may never be aware of and that you might only come to understand yourself far in the future, when once again the Gods are smiling ……….  and the… Read more »

Tough Like Jack

  I was raised in the Air Force, one son of a Sr, Chief Master Sergeant – so I grew up with tough people in uniform, people I loved and respected. Two of my uncles were policemen; another was a lifetime army combat veteran – all tough men and real heroes to a young boy…. Read more »


Rest now my fallen brother Lay soft your suffering back Rest well and forever Your memory shall not lack Rest your tired hands Wipe clean your weary brow Rest with St. Florian Your spirit now endowed Rest here your breaking heart We know you gave your all Rest easy, you’ve done your part You’ve answered… Read more »

Complexion “Radiant”

Jack contacted me wanting to know if we could help him and his wife Ann create a portrait of their daughter Lisa. As we visited, I came to understand that they had a favorite picture of Lisa in a group with other ladies, but it was captured in a poor quality computer generated color print… Read more »

Endless Possibilities

Endless Possibilities Marcie and the Boyfriend of her youth have found each other again as adults. But they are challenged by a life situation that is keeping them apart A Challenge of physical separation with no short term solution is sight. Marcie wanted to create a new story for them A story of endless possibilities… Read more »

A Special Father’s Day Surprise

Susannah wanted to create a truly unique and very thoughtful Father’s Day gift for her Husband. Her idea was to capture different pictures of the Children  Two currently separated from their Dad ….But all three very loved ….. And all resident in his heart   And surprise him with a loving – very personal & very special Portrait for his… Read more »