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When the God’s Are Smiling

When the Gods are Smiling Sometimes, when the Gods are smiling…….. and the Stars Align Somebody very special touches your life And leaves an imprint that they may never be aware of and that you might only come to understand yourself far in the future, when once again the Gods are smiling ……….  and the… Read more »

Danny’s Somewhere in Time

I never had the pleasure of meeting Mia, but I know she was a loved member of Danny’s Texas family. When Danny contacted me a short time ago wanting to create a portrait of his Mia, he had pictures of her as a young puppy and one taken as an adult when she was swathed… Read more »

God’s Blessings: Sharing Family Portraits With Loved Ones

One of the things we enjoy most about out work at Timeless Family Art is helping people create something unique that will be special and meaningful for their families and loved ones long after our initial effort for them has been completed. I was recently contacted by a new friend who had just lost her… Read more »