When the God’s Are Smiling

When the Gods are SmilingMs. Horner Teacher Pencil Portrait Mike Kitchens 06032015

Sometimes, when the Gods are smiling…….. and the Stars Align

Somebody very special touches your life

And leaves an imprint that they may never be aware of

and that you might only come to understand yourself far in the future, when once again

the Gods are smiling ……….  and the Stars align


Our Children have told us about just such a person

Someone they love , someone who has always been happy and nice

Someone who taught them about Texas …and to Read…. and to Count to 100

But most importantly – someone who has taught them to enjoy school

And to take pride in learning


But we didn’t have to hear our child’s words

We saw it in their eyes….

In their excitement as they dressed for school

In the pride they take in their school work

And while listening in amazement

As they read to us at night


Now this first year of school is ending

“Graduation” is within a week

and all will move on to a new year

With new teachers and new students

But somewhere down the road

When the child becomes the parent

And prepares to send their own child to their first day of school

I can imagine them remembering their very special Ms. Horner

How much they loved their time with her


And I see them making a small prayer,  As they walk their child into school

That the stars will align …….and the Gods will smile

and their children, that they love so much

Will meet their very own Ms. Horner


A Gift to Ms. Horner, a Drawing including her Mother and her Daugther Casey

From the Children of her Liberty Elementary Kindergarten Class of 2015


Posted by Mike Kitchens