Unique Faces in Detail

I continue to experiment with a drawing technique that

I think creates a unique presentation. Its a simple approach,Reggie Goodman Pencil Portrait w-Logo Mike Kitchens 09262016.jpg

drawing portraits without the benefit of shading or any form of line

work softening other than line density.  I find when I draw people

this way I get a level of detail that I find fascinating – taking the time

to study and draw another’s features at a level of detail that exaggerates

the smallest elements of their faces in a way that I think emphasizes

their individual & unique character lines – but many can find intimidating

or artificially “aging” the subject.  In this example, I have drawn a friend

of mine who was brave enough to allow me to do so.


Please let me introduce you to my friend, Mr. Reginald Goodman, Air Force

LtCol (ret), who continues to work in the service of our country within