Capturing Ancestry for Margaret

I never cease to be amazed by the sensitivity, thoughtfulness and creativity of the people I get to meet through our Timeless Family Art website.
Aztec & Greek Statue Pencil Drawing for Margaret by Mike Kitchens 2016
Margaret contacted me with such a unique request that I wanted to share it with you. Apparently she discovered that her husband had both Native American and Greek Italian ancestors, so her idea was to surprise him by creating two portraits  – the first reflecting him as a Greek Statue and the second one in full Aztec headdress.  I loved the way she described what she was looking for, to be able to “Capture her Husband’s image accented to reflect his ancestry” …….
Thank you Margaret!  I had so much fun helping you create such a unique and thoughtful surprise for your Husband!!
(You can see the expanded drawings in our “Miscellaneous” Gallery)
Posted by Mike Kitchens