Making Magic Together in the Place Where Trees Sleep

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the amazing characters we (Suzy Lang and I) have “discovered” in the process of creating and publishing the first book in our Children’s Book Series “In the Place Where Trees Sleep.”

For me, with this publication, I am fulfilling a longtime promise to myself that I would one day find a way to combine my family’s love of storytelling, what artistic talent I may have, and the wonderous imagination of children, to support and encourage them in their life’s adventures.

Our books are filled with color and wonderfully diverse and unique (but somehow familiar and very comfortable) characters, whose adventures are shared in rhymes, with stories that carry positive themes such as: choose to be positive; value the differences in others; working together, we can make magic happen; and each of us can do, and can be, more than we might see.

We are now officially in that all-important launch period where Amazon and others will monitor the level of interest and activity on their sites to establish their plans for how they will offer this book, so I thank you in advance for anyone interested in checking us out!

YouTube for a Quick look inside

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