Pull All of your Favorite Family Memories Together to Create One Unique Portrait

I am using this blog posting to share a family portrait we created from a total of eleven different photos, with only the use of a pencil.

One of the biggest joys I have as a portrait sketch artist is to help create unique portraits for both families and friends. A lot of the work that is created here at Timeless Family Art is incredibly unique in the way each pieFamily Portrait Pencil Drawing - Mike Kitchens ce is able to capture your loved ones in combinations that may never be possible in real time. In this particular portrait that you see here of the one and only Kitchens family, we took photos from a number of occasions, including Christmas celebrations, family gatherings, a swimming pool party, a visit to the Fort Worth Zoo, and two children’s birthday celebrations. We then brought them together into a single family portrait to create one eye-catching piece that our family will always enjoy.

I am so proud of our children, the wonderful people they have chosen to create their own lives with and of course, our beautiful grandchildren. It is my hope that many years from now, when my grandchildren have grandchildren of their own, they will share this portrait with them and tell them that their Great Granddad drew it. Even then, I have faith that they will remember just how much their family loved them.

The type of artwork that I do is all about creating some form of lasting memory with a special meaning. I’m so truly happy to have now completed this portrait of my own family, and I look forward to creating something of equal value for you and yours. Please let us know if we can help you create your own special and unique family portrait today!